Kebebasan Berorganisasi adalah HAK, Akuntabilitas adalah Kewajiban

Memorandum of Association Indonesian NGO Council

That the freedom of association, freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are part of human rights which are both fundamental and universal rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. These fundamental freedoms shall in turn guarantee the presence and advancement of associations among citizens in the form of non-governmental organizations, and as such should be duly upheld. That non-governmental organizations as an essential component of civil society should assume equal role as that of the government and the private sector in improving the quality of life as members of a society, primarily in developing social capital for the purpose of making democracy work optimally and the creation of justice and prosperity within society. That current developments in co-existing as members of a community and as citizens of a state have not entirely been conducive for creating a balanced role between civil society, the government and private sector; as indicated by an unfavorable political and legal environment and less than ideal governance, obstacles that hamper non-governmental organizations from accessing resources, and the rising number of non-governmental organizations that fail to serve public interests, leading to diminishing trust towards these institutions in general. That in carrying out their role in society, non-governmental organizations must uphold and promote values that advance freedom, democracy, integrity, honesty, justice, equality, transparency, responsiveness, participation and accountability, all intended to create a robust civil society which refers to a free, independent, sustainable and accountable civil society. That these shared objectives, values and interests must at all times be collectively upheld, maintained and safeguarded from external forces, among others by cultivating a constructive political and legal environment and a supportive governance for the optimal advancement of NGOs’ role. For this reason, nurturing solidarity and building mutual reinforcement and mutual trust among NGOs is therefore of utmost importance. That these values need also be applied in the daily conduct of non-governmental organizations in order to boost public trust which in turn shall strengthen support towards civil society organizations. That founded on these views and beliefs, a group of organizations and NGO networks have agreed to establish the “Indonesian Non-Governmental Organization Council” of which its Memorandum of Association is set forth below.

Full text of Memorandum of Association (Based on National Congress III)