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Progress Report on the Indonesian NGO Activities Council April – September 2011

A number of Indonesian NGO Council activities during April-September 2011, has been reported to the National Steering Committee by the Executive Director of the Council, Lusi Herlina on 1 November 2011.

The report is a description of the progress of the Indonesian NGO Council, which is based on Strategic Planning (Strategic Planning) NGO Council from 2011 to 2014, a proposal that has been approved by the Ford Foundation in Indonesia NGO Council program Developing a Helping NGO Resource Centre in a Transparent Organization and Accountable (the period January 2011-December 2012).

Progress report of activities is a form of accountability to the Secretariat of the Indonesian NGO Council National Steering Committee, as stipulated in Article 18 of the Articles of Association Council item (d). In the article it is mentioned that one of the functions and powers of the Executive Director is to make progress reports to the activities of the National Steering Committee on a regular basis, at least once in six months.

Output a number that has been done and is in the process of implementation during the period April-September 2011 are:
The existence of the NGO Council Proposed Formula Delivered to the Government and the Parliament for discussion of the bill or the Association;
Increase the involvement of NGOs in the discussion of the Council Regulation Relating to Life NGOs on National and Local Level;
Establishment of Multi Stakeholder Forum between NGOs, Government and Private;
Establishment of Regional Representatives Council NGO in the Institutional System Has a Strong and Accountable for a Mission Council;
Increased awareness, understanding and capacity of the Council to Implement Principles of Accountability Through Implementation and Enforcement of the Code;
NGO Accountability Issues Being Public Discourse;
Translation of the existence of the Code, as well as Monitoring and Evaluation Instrument System and Mechanism of Code Enforcement Council Indonesian NGOs;
Effective functioning Indonesian NGO Council. *
Complete document Progress Report Period Activity Indonesian NGO Council from April to September 2011 can be downloaded through the attached file.

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