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Tell the Stories, Fund the Raise

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Stories are powerful tools that define human development, culture and traditions. They have the ability to engage, motivate and inculcate positive attitude in people. It is for this reason that kids are introduced to stories right from an early stage. Stories are an effective communication tool that is liked by people of all ages.

Marketing team in the companies use stories to advertise the product, by connect it to people heart. Why NGOs didn’t do the same? Yes, NGOs primary work is to help people and not write stories. But, don’t you think you should share and publish your success stories, so that people know what your organization does?  Don’t you want more people to connect to your cause? Successful NGOs use stories not just as case studies or for promotions but also integrate them in their fundraising campaigns.

To make it the stories easy to remember and amplify change, it need a plot in stories, here are the key elements of a story to make it complete and effective.

  1. Protagonist: He/she is the main hero of the story. This is the person, community,organization around which the whole story is built. You can select one beneficiary and make her the protagonist.
  1. Antagonist/Conflict: In normal sense, he/she is the villain of the plot, in the case of your story this relates to the negative situation that exists in a given area. Discuss about how it affects the life of your protagonist.
  1. Resolution: Unless and until you have a solution to the problem, there will be no point narrating a story. This section in the story will talk about the actions you have implemented or propose to implement for resolving the problem. Let’s say you trained the beneficiaries, empowered them.
  2. Transformation: This section should deal with the changes that are an outcome of the intervention.  Most donors look forward to see how their funds have impacted the beneficiaries or are likely impact on the people.

The strongest fundraising children’s stories have real characters; real problems and real solutions that are weaved together in a well-chosen settings and attractive style. Use the tips from the guide and become a master storyteller and fundraiser!

Source : Funds For NGO

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