Kebebasan Berorganisasi adalah HAK, Akuntabilitas adalah Kewajiban

NGO Accountability Minimum Standard


The minimum standard of NGO accountability is the basic practices of NGOs in order to become an accountable organization. This standard was developed based on the Indonesia NGO Council (Konsil LSM) code of ethich. The Indonesia NGO Council believed that NGOs should have high standards in the management of the Organization and all its activity based on the values, principles, the rule of law and other provisions that are accepted.

Some of the accountability guide has already developed by different organizations in the world, such as, HAP Standard in Accountability and Quality Management, and OXFAM GB Accountability Starter Pack. While in Indonesia there are transparency and accountability NGOS (TANGO) developed by SatuNama along with TIFA, and a guides of management accountability in humanitarian assistance compiled by PIRAC,et al. Based on the some reference guides that have developed the accountability issues in organizations, Indonesia NGO Council has compiled the minimum standard of NGO accountability. In comparison with the NGO code of ethic, the standard is more simple, measurable, and verifiable.

Te minimum standard of NGO accountability is consist of seven standards:
Fist Standard : Good Governance
Second Standard : Professional Staff Management
Third Standard : Open and trustworthy financial management
Fourth Standard : Substantive Participation of Assisted Community in Organization Strategic Decision Making
Fifth Standard : Complaint Management
Sixth Standard : Information Transparency
Seventh Standard : Prevention of Conflict of Interest

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