Kebebasan Berorganisasi adalah HAK, Akuntabilitas adalah Kewajiban


NoProgram NameFunding SourceNo. GrantProgram PeriodTotal Funds (IDR)Total Funds (US $ / Euro / etc)
1Turning the Council into a Resource Centre for Strengthning NGOs into Becoming Transparent and Accountable OrganizationThe Ford Foundation through KPMM Padang110-0301by 1st Jan 2011 - 31 Des 2012 2,538,050,000(US $) 282.006
2Peer Review Workshop-Civil Society Mapping in IndonesiaFriedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) – Indonesiaby May 19th, 20118,050,000894.4
3Increasing Community Participation in Public Services through Complaint SurveyResearch Triangle Institute (RTI) – KINERJA USAID0212751-6- 2012-006by 1st Nov 2011- 31st Oct 2012 1,678,855,000
4To Assess NGO’s Transparency and Accountability and Make the Results Accessible for the Government, Private Sector, Donor Agencies and the Public at LargeThe Ford Foundationby 1st April 2013- 31st March 20152,142,030,000(US $) 230.326
5Public Seminar " Dampak UU No.17 Tahun 2013 tentang Ormas terhadap OMS dan Masa Depan Relasi OMS-Negara "Partnership – Kemitraan bagi Pembaruan Tata Pemerintahanby Sept 23rd, 201376,900,000
6Konsil LSM Indonesia 2nd National CongressPro-Rep Chemonics Int’l Incby Sept 23rd - 25th, 201391,650,000
7Membership FeeKonsil Independent Fundsby Sept 30th, 201330,000,000
8Institutional feeKonsil Independent Fundsby Sept 30th, 201333,487,643
9Contribution from Staff PaymentKonsil Independent Fundsby Sept 30th, 2013118,777,335
10Contribution from Sharing Office FacilitiesKonsil Independent Fundsby Sept 30th, 201329,822,000
11Books & Journal SellingKonsil Independent Fundsby Sept 30th, 201310,921,140
12Merchandise SellingKonsil Independent Fundsby Sept 30th, 20135,535,000
13Bank Interest IncomeKonsil Independent Fundsby Sept 30th, 20131,370,077
14Forum for Business, Goverment and CSO SectorICCO CooperationC-003655by April 1st, 2014 – Dec 31st, 2015 (Euro) 90,280
15Fixed Asset SellingKonsil Independent Funds20142,300,000
16Books & Journal SellingKonsil Independent Funds20141,345,700
17Merchandise SellingKonsil Independent Funds20141,980,000
18Secretariat Supporting FundOpen Data Lab Jakarta (World Wide Web Foundation)by Jan 1st - Dec 31st, 201640,000,000
19Community Grant SchemeIn partnership with the Planet Wheeler Foundation and Australian Volunteers International (AVI)by Jan 4th, 2016- Nov 30th, 2016AUD 8.423
20 2015 CSO Sustainability IndexManagement Sistem International (MSI) A Tetra Tech Companyby Jan 28th, 2016 - May 31st, 2016USD 5.500
21To Develop Partnership Between Accountable NGOs, the Government and Provate Sector in Two Provinces to Use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program for Reducing Poverty and Promoting Environmental Sustainability Ford Foundationby Jan 1st, 2016 - Dec 31st, 2017 USD 200.000
22Membership FeeKonsil Independent FundsSeptember 2013 - September 201632,750,000
23Contribution from Staff PaymentKonsil Independent FundsSeptember 2013 - September 2016250,484,519
24Institutional FeeKonsil Independent FundsSeptember 2013 - September 201638,631,134
25Bank Income Konsil Independent FundsSeptember 2013 - September 201614,393,105
26Contribution from Staff PaymentKonsil Independent FundsSeptember 2013 - September 201627,200,000