SMEs Ministry started to understood the important of integrating UNGP on BHR issues for SMEs groups

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On 18 December 2017, Konsil LSM coalition L&A team went to the ministry to submit the points of recommendation from our national workshop held last November 2017 on Advocacy Strategy Development on UNGP on BHR for SMEs groups. This recommendation was resulted by 2 days seminar and workshop, and we found that there were important things need to follow up by the Cooperative and SMEs Ministry, and it’s connect to the program presented by the Secretary of Deputy of Business Restructuring, as one of the workshop as speakers.

In this discussion, L&A team is consists of 3 people, met with the Secretary of Deputy of Business Restructuring and Head of Division of Business Restructuring, and a staff. We presented the recommendation and followed by discussing how Konsil LSM coalition can work with the Ministry to disseminate the UNGP on BHR to the SMEs groups. At the beginning, the respond is flat. Maybe because they thought that’s not really have a strong relation with their program now. Also perhaps because of 2 of 3 from the participants from ministry were new in this issue, as they stated in the discussion. Even the Deputy Secretary itself also still has very limited understanding on this issue, even he was a speaker in our seminar on UNGP on BHR before. However, after we explain more and presented the seminar recommendations and explain the situation in global level and responded that have given by other ministry such as Agriculture Ministry, Fisheries Ministry, Law and HR Ministry, and Foreign Affairs Ministry, they gave very good interests.

As the respond, they appreciate this initiative from Konsil LSM to approach them to become the strategic partner, and they were committed to do several things; a) Following up the recommendations points we submitted, b) Provide training for staffs in this Deputy office on UNGP on BHR especially for SMEs groups, integrated to their training program, c) Offer an opportunity to Konsil LSM to disseminate UNGP on BHR issue to the UKM association and the  activities will be included in the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs budget activities of 2018.                                                               

They also asked Konsil LSM to prepare the guidance to help SMEs groups in implementing this issue.

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